Conspiracy in the Crescent City, 2nd ed.

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The initial pair of scenarios are :. Serva Me, by John A.

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Almack- Wherein the investigators uncover the haunting past surrounding a young lady's antique chest. Their investigation into local colonial history leads them from the Garden District to the French Quarter, as they seek to unravel a tragic and ghostly mystery in one of the most haunted cities on earth.

Never Cry Wolf, by Mark Shireman— Rougarou, the word alone is enough to send a chill up the spines of the denizens of Acadiana; a human cursed to change into a beast that prowls the night, killing the unwary. The investigators respond to a series savage attacks on prominent citizens. Fear and suspicion quickly spreads fanned by sensational headlines and the claims of a respected priest, laying the blame for the attacks on a rougarou summoned by "The Witch of Bayou Gentilly". Lovecraft and is one of the most famous New Orleans natives in the Cthulhu Mythos. He is described as "this continent's greatest mystic, mathematician and orientalist" and as a "distinguished Creole student of mysteries and Eastern antiquities".

This article will give Keepers everything they need to know to quickly drop this expert in the unknown into their home campaign. He is the perfect hook for Keepers looking to involve investigators in local mythos cases and an invaluable resource for advice, assistance, research, or possible rescue. The two additional scenarios are:. Deliver Me from Evil, by Jon Hook- Wherein the investigators help an old friend retrieve his prodigal younger sister from the debauchery of New Orleans. However, she may have gotten involved with far worse things than smoking, jazz, gin, or the fellas.

Her new friends and employers are not keen on letting her leave, nor are they technically alive. The Devil Baby of Bourbon Street died long ago, and its terrifying story ended there. Or did it? The investigators are called upon by the surviving members of the Bowes family to recover something taken from them. The remains of a child, stolen out of a tomb marked only with an X, must be recovered at all costs.

Golden Goblin Press is very pleased to offer this final addition to the core book. This seventh scenario, by Jeffrey Moeller, will round out our collection in epic fashion.

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Five Lights in the Crossroads, by Jeffrey Moeller- What do the missing hand of a hanged convict, whispers from the mouth of a dead man, and the Loa of Voodoo ritual have in common? Tragic consequences, in this intimate, character driven tale of things man was not meant to know, exploring both traditional concepts of New Orleans folk magic and the dark corruption of Cthulhu Mythos.

But Wait! If we reach this stretch goal, every backer at and above the Algiers level will receive an 8X10 inch print of the cover art for Tales of the Crescent City - Adventures in Jazz Era New Orleans. Many of these will be digitally altered to appear period to the 's and used to further augment the art in both Tales of the Crescent City-Adventures in Jazz Era New Orleans and Legends of New Orleans.

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To deal with the unforeseen challenges we intend to be versatile and pro-active. We learned a lot from our first kickstarter, Island of Ignorance-The Third Cthulhu Companion, and are happy with how successful that project turned out. We have every intention to make this project even more successful by drawing upon that newly found knowledge and experience. Jan 23, - Mar 4, 40 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Oscar Rios. Last updated July 10, Share this project. The Abhorrent Yellow Sign back , cast in resin. King In Yellow Voodoo Doll. Mock Up, Not Actual Beads.

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