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Two " signs " which appear towards the end of the Siddur mark special prayers to be recited and repeated on Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement. Three rough categories of graphic signposts or drawings can be discerned throughout the manuscript :. The simplest, referring to the marker which indicates the beginning of the forthcoming prayer, would run in this form :. Or, as is the case in a more compound prescription :. In the case of paired markers, the formulae are as follows :. Corno : questo se dice quanno fosse rosh hodesh Core : Io hannukka Retonnella : nello tish'a be'Av Some examples of parallel sets of instructions taken from our three Judeo-Italian prayer books could illustrate this :.

Medieval Walled Cities of Veneto, Italy. The Beautiful Town of Este

MS Parm. As to the semiotic value of the " signs " represented in the Judeo-Italian prayer book, it seems that they would not fit any category of " signifiers " : as already mentioned above, they apparently lack any kind of link with the "signified", namely with the textual substance of the designated passages. Due to their one and single manifestation in Hebrew manuscripts and their total absence from later prayer books, these " signs " also failed to establish such a link, that could have come into existence through frequent usage and habit.

One way or the other, with semiotic signification and without it, the graphic " signposts " of our London manuscript -though they failed to become a landmark in the mise-en-texte of the Jewish ritual and won no recognition as a tool for text transparency in the history of the book -can nevertheless be acclaimed : on the one hand for contributing to the rationalization of the tiring repetitive formulation of the Jewish ritual instructions and for simplifying the process of searching for the unexperienced, and on the other hand -for the sheer simple straightforwardness and originality of this device.

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The Hebrew University, Jerusalem. These are discussed in learned studies of the Judeo-Italian vernacular, e.

You will not believe his voice when he sings!

Cuomo's Una traduzione giudeo-romanesca del libro di Giona, Tubingen Hebrew words in quotations are rendered in bold italics. Graphic drawings as signposts for easy spotting of prayers [article] A curious navigation aid found in a Judeo-Italian manuscript ms London, bl or. Liste des illustrations Fig. In this context one should bear in mind that while the Parma prayer book dated was produced for a Florentine woman of highly respectable de- N.

The signs, by their order of appearance, are as follows : paloma : a dove, fol.

Three rough categories of graphic signposts or drawings can be discerned throughout the manuscript : N. The Fontana del Bicchierone Fountain of the Great Glass , built according to a design by Bernini was added to the decoration of the central longitudinal axis in the 17th century.

This fountain is in the shape of a serrated chalice, from which a high jet of water falls into a conch shell. The gardens with the fountains, is a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering, both for the general lay out of the plan and the complex system of distribution of water as well as for the many water plays with the introduction of the first hydraulic automatons ever built. Criterion vi : The Villa d'Este, with its palace and gardens, bears exceptional testimony to the Italian Renaissance and has been a source of artistic inspiration ever since its creation.

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The property includes all the fundamental elements that contribute to justify its exceptional universal value and is of adequate size to convey its significance. The interventions made over the centuries have preserved the integrity of the structure and the spatial relationship between the villa and the gardens themselves, as well as the ones between the architecture complex and the landscape. The link between the villa and the water — key element of the places using the peculiar shape of the Tiburtine territory — remains integral.

The degree of authenticity of both the palace and of the gardens is very high, and the different periods of the ensemble are clearly visible and recognizable.

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The remains of the Roman villa and the monastery on which the palace was built are still visible. Moreover, a large part of the spatial and ornamental structure of the gardens has been preserved. The restoration of the murals is methodical and rigorous. Other notable Baroque works, such as those by Bernini, have been well conserved and restored. It has been the property of the Italian government since and falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism which takes care of the safeguarding, maintenance, restoration and preservation works.

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A wide area around the Villa is protected as landscape by the same Decreto n. Authorization for any form of intervention is granted or denied by the relevant authority the Municipality and the Soprintendenza, a peripheral office of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. To achieve these goals, programmes for the maintenance, preservation and improvement of the services to the visitors are drafted on an annual basis.

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