How to Pray...And Get Prayers Answered!: A Testimony of My Walk With Christ

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Instead, Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed reminding God how he had walked with Him in his youth. For Hezekiah to have immediately thought of praying when he received such sad news of his imminent death, means he must have had an existing relationship with God and he knew his God. Isaiah KJV.

5 Biblical Examples of Answered Prayers | The King's Diadem

Lastly, for him to be able to boldly call God to remembrance of his past deeds showed he had walked before God uprightly. Remind God of your faithfulness in times of trouble and ask him to help you in your predicament. The second biblical example of answered prayer we are examining is Hannah who was childless in a polygamous marriage. It is rare for women in polygamous marriages not to compete and envy each other especially if the husband has favorites. Without a doubt, it must have been a tense atmosphere where both wives were always trying to outdo each other.

To top it off, Hannah was childless while her rival had many children. But she never ceased to go up to the house of the Lord yearly 1Samuel Bible also recorded that she was grieved and in bitterness of soul. She sought God despite her childlessness and in due time God answered her prayers and opened her womb.

In the year that God answered her, she went to Shiloh as at other times and prayed fervently, pouring out her soul to God. In vs 20, she got the answer to her prayer, a male child Samuel and five additional children. Answered Prayer Guaranteed! A time of sorrow is not the time to abandon God or become scarce from his house.

A deep desire to fulfill the will of God

Rather it is the time to seek God more. When in sorrow, anguish, pain, bitterness of soul etc. Desperate situations call for desperate actions, so make a vow to God and endeavor to keep the vow when the time comes. The account in Acts 12 is the third biblical example of answered prayer that we will talk about. He had previously ordered the killing of James and since it pleased the Jews, he proceeded to take Peter. Something different happened however because the church offered constant prayer v5 to God for him. Psalms Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.

When the five Kings of the Amorites decided to attack Gibeon for forming alliance with the children of Israel, they cried out to Joshua for help. Joshua responded by assembling his army of mighty men to war against the five Kings of the Amorites. God fulfilled his promise to Joshua and delivered the Amorites into the hand of the Israelites but there was a setback.

You may also like: Keys to praying and receiving answer to prayer 2. In the heat of the battle, Joshua did a new thing by commanding the Sun and Moon to stand still. That is the God we serve, he is swift to respond to us in times of distress or need. God is reliable and will answer our prayers whenever we call on him.

When we pray, we need to believe that God will answer us. Sorrow followed him everywhere because of his name until he prayed to God for a change.

6. Paul’s Prayer For the Ephesians (Ephesians 1:15-19a)

Part of his prayer was that God should keep him from evil so that he will not cause pain and God granted his request. Finally, doors answer to keys, the right keys. In the same vein, there are keys to praying and receiving answer to prayers. Avail yourself of the free prayer resources on this site and watch your testimonies increase. Pingback: Factors to consider before choosing a life partner The King's Diadem. Just more evidence of how good He really is to us! Thank you for this blessing! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sign me up to receive the latest posts and freebies. Biblical Examples of Answered Prayers. Did you immediately pray to the God of heaven or did you take matters into your own hands to try to fix the situation? When the king asked Nehemiah why he was sad, how did Nehemiah respond?

After Artaxerxes asked Nehemiah what he was requesting, Nehemiah prayed again. Can you recall a time when you made a successful appeal to someone in authority over you? Did you give yourself credit for being persuasive or for making a good case for what you wanted? Did you see God at work in your situation? Nehemiah was a man of prayer. The walk of faith is a balanced blend of prayer and action. Nehemiah prayed and then put his request before the king Neh.

As cupbearer, Nehemiah held an important position in the royal court. His responsibility and position of trust gave him unusual access to the king. After Nehemiah received the report about Jerusalem, he was greatly distressed. Nehemiah knew that God was ultimately in charge. In order for us to take a principle that we can apply today from the prayer of Nehemiah, we look at two things. The first is repetition. Repetition of a word, phrase, or idea focuses our attention and emphasizes what is being repeated.

In narrative literature, repetition is a key to understanding what the passage is saying. The second thing we examine is harmony or consistency with the rest of Scripture. For a principle to be valid, it must agree with the rest of the Bible. In fact, when we interpret a narrative passage, we should find that principle in other places in Scripture. Take each of the four parts of the PRAY format. Then find another verse in Scripture which encourages or commands us to pray, repent, ask, or yield.

I will do the Praise section as an example. It might be helpful to use a concordance to find the supporting verses or cross references. Find examples from the rest of Scripture encouraging or commanding us to praise God. Find examples from the rest of Scripture that address confession of sin.

This is the hardest category in which to find specific verses. Try Psalm 51 or 1 John Find examples from the rest of Scripture that encourage us to ask God for our needs. Find example from the rest of Scripture encouraging us to yield or submit to God. I want us to practice writing out a prayer in the PRAY format. We will take each section separately and examine it.

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In this study we have seen many names of God and descriptions of God. We have observed that God is the. Choose one of these names or descriptions of God and write several sentences praising God for who He is and thanking Him for what He does. Write out several sentences confessing agreeing with God about specific sins. Remind Him of 1 John and thank Him for forgiving you. Asking is the part of prayer with which we are most familiar. Yielding is probably the hardest part of praying biblically. Our natural tendency is to want God to do things our way.

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My goals and desires have changed over the years, but even with a spiritual goal in mind, I may have already decided how God could accomplish it. I never liked to send a blank check to school with one of my children because I knew it might not reach its intended destination. He is free to fill in the amount and I trust Him to do what is best for me. However, as I have read through Scripture, I have noticed that the saints had conversations with God. David, in particular, was very honest with God about how he felt. In my check analogy, I am writing my request on the memo line of the check.

I may grieve greatly and I have when God says no. I may not understand His decision. But in the final analysis, He is God. I have to acknowledge His sovereignty, His wisdom, and His great love. Have you yielded yourself to God? Do you give each day to Him?

Each person could ask a Bible trivia question, name a chorus or song that we would all sing, or give a Bible reference and see if anyone could quote the verse. We did not do this every night, but it was a fun time. Are you teaching your children to pray? Do they see you praying about things that are important to you? I would suggest you pray out loud for your children from their earliest days. What could bless your children more than to hear their names spoken before the Father by their own mother? Share with your small group any ideas you have about praying with your children and teaching them to pray,.

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