Peanut Butter and Honey Snack Ideas (Something Simple and Different to Savor)

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Robert H. Forbes, who became dean of the College of Agriculture at the University of Arizona in He had made an intensive study of the home processing of curing olives.

His process uses lye and the method has always worked for me. Last week when I went to the hardware store to buy the lye and told the clerk what I was going to do with it, he kept cautioning me that it was poison and came close to refusing to sell it to me. By following the instructions carefully, I never poisoned myself or the recipients of my olives. Aside: Dr. Forbes was still alive when I was a young journalism student in I interviewed him at his home on the edge of the University of Arizona campus on Olive Street, surrounded by gnarled old olive trees. His house stood where the Center for Creative Photography is now.

You can home process green olives, black olives or those somewhere in between.

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Many people with olive trees would be happy to have you harvest from their yard and cut down on the mess when the olive drop. I just knock on the door and ask. Then later I leave a small jar of finished olives on their porch with a note. The difference in Dr. You just leave the olives in the original lye solution until either taste or a litmus paper shows that the bitterness has been removed.

For me, this has been between five and seven days. With the lye plan, after the bitterness is gone, the olives are rinsed and rinsed! Lastly, they are freshened in water. Whatever your processing plan, I like to flavor mine with a mixture of olive oil, wine vinegar, garlic cloves and fresh herbs from my garden. You can also slip in a small chile. A few olives, some cheeses, all you need is a glass of wine to make a perfect Happy Hour snack. Home processing olives is neither difficult nor overly time consuming, but you do need to get yourself some big glass jars and commit about five minutes a day to the endeavor.

You can shake them off the tree. You can buy them by the expensive! You can sometimes find them in small Mexican markets in Tucson—if you ask. These are bellotas , a seasonal treat of late summer gathered from the desert oak grasslands and woodlands flanking our sky islands. The White Mountain Apache now have a richly productive community farm.

It is the venue for their Traditional Foods Festival where they celebrate their young farmers, their delicious roasted heirloom corn, and many wild foods that their ancestors thrived on. With my talented friend Dr. Letitia McCune known as BotanyDoc we enjoyed this special event where elders and young people together were celebrating and sampling their harvest of heirloom crops and wild mountain foods. Botanist and diabetes-nutritionist McCune has recently provided the Ndee Nation with nutritional analyses of their ancient, honored foods.

Apache ladies at their Traditional Foods Festival prepare cauldrons of acorn stew. As the stock simmers they add pieces of dough to make dumplings that will take on the rich flavor of the bellotas. We watched as the Ndee cooks slowly simmered locally-farmed squash and chunks of range beef over the open fire. They had prepped dough to pull into ribbons then tore pieces to drop into the stock as dumplings. Over some hours, we kept returning to the cook-fire to watch the stew process.

Whole corn cobs covered with plump kernels went into the giant pot.

How Do You Get Granola Bars To Stick Together?

You can easily crack the shells of Emory oak acorns bellotas with a rolling pin or, as in this image, on a stone metate with a mano to release the yummy golden nut-meat inside. Acorns are chuck-full of healthy oils that are akin to olive oil, complex carbs that slow down the release of sugars into the bloodstream, enabling sustained energy and blood sugar balancing.

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cheerio Bars

It is no surprise that Indigenous people all over the planet have used acorns wherever oaks naturally grow. The big issue with most acorns is their high tannin content, a chemical that can be damaging internally, but which can be easily leached out with water treatments beforehand. Fortunately —hooray for our Emory oak acorn!

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You may not be able to see it but you can taste its wonderful bitter-sweetness—the flavor and thickening of Emory oak acorn flour—in delectable Apache acorn stew. Over an open fire in a big pot, boil beef until tender, making a rich stock.

Keep simmering. Add torn pieces of bread dough and let puff up. Add whole corn cobs cut in half. When everything is well-simmered and tastes great, and still on the fire, gradually stir in the acorn flour. Serve outside with a sample of each ingredient in each bowl.

Ready-Made Snacks You Can Find in the Store

Enjoy the timeless flavors! Andalusians must have felt quite at home when they first encountered our Emory oak in what is now southern Arizona. Combine prickly pear, peaches, and honey for a delicious and healthy homemade sherbet. It was a relatively wet spring in the Southwest this year, at least in the Sonoran Desert.

This has made for a bounty of prickly pears. But why not expand? Since it is still pretty warm throughout the fall, frozen desserts are a good place to start. Combining prickly pear juice with the luscious ripe stone fruits of the season is a good way to combine flavors. Making your own frozen desserts is easy and healthy-nothing but fruit, honey, and cream.

No weird emulsifiers or gums. No need to peel or dethorn the prickly pear fruits. Make your juice with this easy recipe, then on to the sherbet. Using tongs, collect prickly pears. Wearing rubber gloves, rinse fruit and quarter. Working in batches, puree fruit in a blender. Strain through a fine mesh strainer and discard solids.

The thorns will get caught in the strainer.

How to Make Homemade Peanut Butter (1 Ingredient!) - Averie Cooks

Although this recipe calls for peaches, any ripe stone fruits will do. Plums and apricots combine deliciously with prickly pear.

EAT - Homemade Peanut Butter

Slice peaches. Combine with 1 cup of the prickly pear juice in a medium saucepan. Simmer over low heat for 5 minutes. Add honey and cook gently, stirring until honey is dissolved. If you have an ice cream maker, also add the whipping cream. Refrigerate until chilled and then transfer to an ice cream maker.

Break up and beat with an electric mixer.

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Beat whipping cream until stiff and fold into the fruit mixture. Refreeze until hard. We Savor Sisters love to write about prickly pear. Find more posts here where Amy writes about an upside down cake and where I write about a cocktail made with prickly pear juice. Need more prickly pear recipes? It includes 60 recipes for cocktails, salads, barbecue sauces, main dishes, and desserts including not just the fruit but the cactus pads nopales as well.

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An important conference focused on ancient heirloom grains is about to happen this week at University of Arizona. All cerealists are invited! In the words of organizer Dr. These are really rich and nutritious, made with eggs and cream in addition to our local heirloom flours and fruits. Getting in the heirloom grain mood—and fortified with fruits picked up on recent travels—I dived into baking scones using local flours.