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Books Authors About Us. Per page: 4 8 12 24 She can provide it—but at what cost? Innocent or Guilty? Taylor A gripping psychological thriller full of twists and turns! Milne , Nicholas Blake , Christianna Brand This anthology of rare stories of crime and suspense brings together 16 tales by masters of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction for the first time in book form, including a newly discovered Agatha Christie crime story that has not been seen since Seuss Full of funny rhymes and shapes, this rhyming Dr.

Meet the unsung heroines of British history who refused to play by the rules. Left for Dead?

A typical afternoon in the park turns into a nightmare for single mother Karla Dyson when kidnappers snatch her young son Frankie. With no cellphone and no time to wait for police, Dyson embarks on a high-speed car chase to save her beloved child. Kill Bill: Vol. Awaking from a coma, an assassin seeks vengeance against her former boss and his ruthless gang.

An oil explorer, a zoologist and a shipwrecked blonde capture a huge ape leading to a battle atop the World Trade Center. A top-secret spy agency recruits an uncouth but promising street kid into its highly competitive training program, just as a twisted technological genius threatens the world.

A college student kills his rich girlfriend, then charms her sister who does not know who he is. An English commoner dons the armor of a dead jouster and, with the help of friends, competes against nobles in 14th-century France.

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A New York adman fights for custody of his son after his wife walks out. KVCR Wed. A single woman watches the last of her girlfriends tie the knot. The fate of the human race hangs in the balance when the Witch Queen rises from the dead, seeking revenge against Kaulder, the immortal warrior who slayed her centuries ago. After an atheistic neighbor has an affair with his wife, a vengeful Fundamentalist forces the man to choose between killing himself or allowing someone else to die in his place.

A sorority queen enrolls in Harvard to prove to her former boyfriend that she has more than good looks. Fired from her firm, a young Boston lawyer heads to Washington, D. A golf caddy shows a disillusioned young war veteran how to master challenges and find meaning in life. Golf Fri. An ordinary LEGO figurine, thought to be the key to saving the world, is accompanied by a fellowship of strangers embarking on a quest to vanquish a tyrant bent on a terrible deed.

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ABC Thur. Two buddies dress as police officers for a costume party, then must put their fake badges on the line after they become entangled with a real web of crooks and dirty detectives. A librarian and a beautiful singer must prevent vampires from taking over the world. Ovation Mon. A caretaker beneath a metropolitan library protects magical artifacts from those who would use them to do evil.

An adventurer and a brilliant archaeologist use a map to search for the fabled mines of King Solomon. Ovation Tues. Dumped by her husband, longtime housewife Deanna turns regret into reset by going back to college.

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Winding up at the same school as her daughter, Deanna plunges headlong into the campus experience -- embracing the fun, the freedom and the frat boys. A chic writer, a stoker and others drift with the U-boat captain who has sunk their ship. A year-old orphan becomes an NBA basketball player after he finds a pair of magic sneakers. A lawyer who operates out of the back of his Lincoln Continental lands the case of a lifetime when he defends a Beverly Hills playboy accused of attempted murder. After the death of his royal father, a young lion returns to battle his scheming uncle for the jungle throne.

A New York urchin and her big brother avenge the shooting of their policeman father. A clergyman loves a noblewoman who poses as a Gypsy to help oppressed weavers in Scotland. A lonely New York bachelor learns that he, his buddy and others like them are a distinct social type. At a Texas penitentiary, jailed NFL veterans train their fellow inmates for a football game against the guards. Mercenaries and scientists pursue genetically engineered dinosaurs inhabiting a Costa Rican island.

From childhood to early adulthood, two friends fall in love while trying to establish basketball careers.

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As the dance lessons progress, complications ensue when feelings begin to develop between the student and the instructor. Hallmark Sat. Herbie the Volkswagen has a mind of his own and wins races for a driver who treats him right. To improve his reputation, an unpopular teenager hires a cheerleader to pose as his girlfriend.

Neil Armstrong Buried at Sea

VH1 Wed. Two single parents find themselves competing for the same dog at a school pet adoption function. Hallmark Fri. As they set out to find a compromise, they learn that embracing the past may be the key to protecting the future. An American chocolatier enters a contest to become the chocolatier for the royal family of Belgium. Resolving both issues proves hilarious, terrifying and life-changing.

Framed for a covert assassination, a blade-wielding former Federale carves a path of blood, bullets and broken hearts as he carries out a mission of revenge. Fortified in a massive, armored truck, loner Mad Max joins Imperator Furiosa and her band of rebels as they try to outrun a warlord and his henchmen in a deadly high-speed chase through the Wasteland.

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USA Thur. Una pandemia sacude los Estados Unidos, convirtiendo a los infectados en zombis, y Maggie, la hija adolescente de un granjero, se ve afectada por la enfermedad. A male stripper takes a newcomer under his wing and instructs him in the fine arts of partying, picking up women, and making plenty of money. CMT Sun. A senatorial candidate falls for a chambermaid after he mistakes her for a guest at the hotel. Paramount Thur. MLB Mon. Maleficent rises to protect her peaceful forest kingdom from invaders, but a terrible betrayal turns her pure heart to stone and twists her into a creature bent on revenge.

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In Donna falls in love with Sam while embarking on a series of adventures throughout Europe. An Austrian teenager becomes queen of France, then later loses her head during the French Revolution. Un soldado liberado regresa a casa desde Iraq y descubre que su esposa ha sido secuestrada por la banda de un peligroso criminal. KFTR Fri. After Martians kidnap his mother, a 9-year-old boy joins forces with a tech-savvy human and a rebel Martian to rescue her. Mary Stuart attempts to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England, only to find herself condemned to years of imprisonment before facing execution.

An ancient mask transforms a drab bank clerk into a grinning Romeo with superhuman powers. In a British captain and his crew endure hardships while trying to prevent a French ship from reaching the Pacific Ocean.

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A man returns home from the war to find that his marriage has been annulled and his ex-wife has a new husband. A lawman, a lady and a gambler head to a poker championship, where conning is the name of the game. Max, a military service dog, is assigned to serve on the U. Angie is a working-class girl who is forced by financial necessity to become an expert in making the party drug Ecstasy in the chemistry lab at her prestigious West Coast university. A paralyzed man gets a new lease on life when a cheerful young woman becomes his caregiver.

CMT Fri. Master assassin Arthur Bishop must kill an imprisoned African warlord, a human trafficker and an arms dealer to save the woman he loves from an old enemy.


FX Tues. Death takes human form, asking a principled widower to guide him in exchange for more time on Earth. PG 3 hrs. A massive creature attacks a deep-sea submersible, leaving it disabled and trapping the crew at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. With time running out, a rescue diver must now confront an unimaginable threat -- a foot-long prehistoric shark.

A veteran agent and a rookie protect mankind from dangerous extraterrestrials roaming the Earth.