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Something about poison paint. A forgotten Supernatural book Submitted by Toby not verified on May 30, - pm. I can't remember the name of the series Help!!!! Twilight series Submitted by Lord-Xanthor not verified on June 27, - pm. I saw the movies but my wife read the books. A normal girl falls in love with a vampire and he must turn her or the council will kill her.

They fear her as well because she has a child before she dies and a war is about to break out because of a very good rule to never turn a child. I think it might be Night World series by L.


Please help! Please help me find this book. I read some adult books I think it was a series, but honestly, it could be a stand-alone years ago where a group of school-aged children were out in the desert accidentally when the government was testing something I think it was a kind of chemical warfare. These are not young adult books, as the scenes about the exposure are just brief flashbacks. Well, these kids grow up, and now the government is killing them off.

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They send an assassin who was also exposed to this stuff to get rid of the rest of the exposed adults. The part I remember the most is that the assassin is also killing the children of these "tainted" adults, and in one scene, two of the adults are together and are about to be caught by this assassin, and although they know without a doubt that they would never turn in their own children, they can't say that about the other person's children, so they commit suicide. That scene has them right after a car crash, and they hold hands as they blow up the car somehow.

Hi, it sounds slightly Submitted by Si not verified on July 3, - pm.

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Hi, it sounds slightly similar to The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. Searching Submitted by Quartnie Funk not verified on June 1, - pm. Hey, so probably not going to be able to get an answer but I'm hoping. When I was in Jr high I read a book aboit a man who travels to China for some reason and I believe buys a young girl from her family because he thinks that the foot binding is barbaric.

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I can't remember clearly what happens after this but I know that her name was iris or something similar and she at some point gets in trouble and ends up dying or killing herself. I just know I loved the book even though it was super depressing and I think some of the kids I'm tutoring will love it as well. I can't recommend it if I can't find the name though I hope you guys can help. I hope this helps! The man is Scottish and brings the girl back to Scotland.

Hope this helps. And would have been written pre The Laird by Sandy Blair? Female doctor - murder mystery - mafia conspiracy - police Submitted by apa ini not verified on June 2, - am. So if anyone can help me with this, it'd be greatly appreciated. I read this book decades ago, but was so enthralled with the story and plot. I read it at my uncle's house during a school holiday in the country, and I don't remember if it even had a cover at that time unlikely though, since it was found in my uncle's old belongings which had included books and magazines and tools.

Even by that time the book's pages were already showing signs of aging with brownish colors, so I'd say the book was published sometime in the '80s. Naturally it's in English, and sadly I don't know the author's name.. As for the story, it dealt with a female doctor psychiatrist I think, but not too sure as the MC. One of her patients was murdered and hence began the thriller-mystery ride.

This was because the circumstances surrounding the patient's murder was vague, and it was even implied that she remained one of the suspects.

There was another, younger police detective who believed her outright. So there's the suspense-mystery-thriller element, and when there was a huge plot twist along with its explanation , it was a major satisfaction. I think it was hinted that she and the older detective had some romantic feelings at the end.

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  • La Biblia en la calle y en la literatura (Conocer la Biblia) (Spanish Edition)?

I won't tell any more detail because it would be a spoiler, a huge one at that, for you. Sorry for the long post. I think it's a really, really wonderful read. Searching for a book I have spent an hour or so searching on Google for this book, to no avail. The closest I got was the Boxcar Children, which is about a family of four orphaned children who run away from their grandfather and live in a boxcar, and end up going back to live with him after the first book. But it's not right, as I don't think the family in my book went to live with their grandfather after the first book, and I remember them living in a deserted farmhouse or attic not a boxcar.

The images I have from the book are: 1. Of the children swearing allegiance by pricking the back of their hands with a hairbrush and then allowing their blood to mingle. Definitely written before ! Wish I could remember more. I do remember loving this book and don't know why I can't remember the title. Finding a lost book post on nypl.

Hi, I read your post about looking for a book where a girl "talked" to horses by breathing to them. I read it over and over as a young girl and the main character, Jinny Manders, calmed a frightened and injured horse by breathing to her. Trying to find a book Submitted by Celeste not verified on June 3, - pm.

I read this series last summer and I can't remember the name. I do remember that it followed a girl who was part of a very important family, one day they find out that she has magic and she get's sent to a famous Abbey, at that school they try to suppress your magic.

This is during the Napoleon revolution and set in England. There is a group of students led by a teacher that is learning magic anyway in the underground catacombs. The girl joins them and ends up accidentally opening a portal and travelling to a world war in the exact same spot.

She runs into a family, whom I think where future relatives of someone she knows. This all happened in the first book but there was also more. Please help me find it because it's really good! Did you find it? But this series sounds really interesting and I would like to read it.

I can't remember the name of this book and it's driving me crazy Submitted by Zinnie not verified on June 3, - pm. I read this book a few years ago and now I'm trying to remember the name of it but all i can remember are some scarce details. It is a fictional book about this girl I think she's in high school and she finds this glowing?

There is also a talking cat in the story. The slap leaves scratch marks and so that's basically how the main character finds out that she has retractable claws like a cat.