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I consumed hours of YouTube videos, podcasts, and reached out to other authors to absorb teachings on the craft. I felt egoic for writing a story about myself. Who am I to write a memoir?

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And at age 27? What do I know? These dual forces, introspection and moving out into the world, in my mind, are so closely intertwined that there is hardly any separation between the two but for purposes of conceptualization. Why am I doing this? To please others? To make my parents proud?

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To attract a partner? After further reflection, I believe the reason I kept coming back to this book time and time again was that I needed to heal myself. A large part of me had not yet moved on from the trail. I felt more broken than how I had entered it, and I sought the answers to my life by digging through my past experiences. Surely, there must be something there, I thought.

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Thus, a deeply-rooted craving and unfulfilled desire took hold of me. I wanted to understand why it was I hiked the trail, what I had learned, and if anything, could these lessons benefit the lives of others without them having to up and leave to endure the pains of walking for six months? With these desires fueling my engine of self-discovery, once it began turning, I could not stop it.

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As most things do, the book finally came to its end three years later. Here I am today, staring at its physical manifestation as it sits quietly on the table before me. What was once the desire to remain hidden has become the desire to share my story with others, and the desire to be seen is now the desire to share my experience to benefit others. With the picture reframed, I feel thrown back into first-grade show-and-tell, but at a slightly older age and a much larger scale, ready to open up and stay vulnerable about all that has unfolded.

This sudden and unexpected shift of perspective was a reminder of how silly it is to project our current experience of reality into the fantasies of a non-existent future. If you decide to read it, I wish that you get something out of it that benefits your life. A final word on the matter: My hope is that you not be distracted by the achievements of hiking trails or writing books.

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The trail goes far beyond the physical, and it is a path which you can walk today, right here, right now, in this present moment. I invite you to create that space for yourself, to remain quiet, to breathe, and to observe what comes up for you. I hope you join me. If you enjoyed this post and want to keep updated with future writings and posts, subscribe to my blog today :.

Toby and Lucas had made The List, a collection of fun things that they wanted to do together before the end of summer, a sort of bucket list. The List includes things like going fishing, building a treehouse, and eating a worm. After Lucas dies, Toby decides to finish The List on his own.

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Alone in the woods, all he can do is think about his mistakes and shortcomings. His outlook changes when he comes upon a dog in the woods.

author: Rami Odeh

The dog, skinny and dirty, saves him from a moose and from then on, the dog is called Moose and joins Toby on his journey. Sometimes having a friend makes all the difference.

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Toby and Moose run into two older boys hiking and their friendship brings back painful memories of Lucas. The boys, Sean and Denver, have an interesting relationship that Toby steadily becomes involved in as they continue to see each other on the trail.

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